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In accordance with our long-standing tradition, we are pleased to present you with the annual report for the school year 2017-2018.

Following the termination of the Program in its current structure, and its transition to the "Darca" network, a summary of the activity of the Azrieli Institute for Educational Empowerment over its fourteen years of existence, is provided in this report.

Some 14 year ago, I embarked on a mission on behalf of the Azrieli family, through the Azrieli Foundation, with 50 students, aiming to design a program that will address the needs of middle school students with below-average achievements.

On the basis of these principles, a unique, holistic program was designed to minimize academic and social gaps in middle schools in the geo-social periphery. This program is rooted in the vision of Mr. David Azrieli z"l.

Danna Azrieli, Chair of the Azrieli Foundation Israel, took upon herself to implement this vision, through the establishment and the operation of the Program over 14 years of activity. The Azrieli Program grew to become a brand and a model to be followed in the educational system and in every city, due to the holistic model, the achievement work program, the social activity and the parents' activity. The Program influenced schools' structural perceptions and inspired systemic changes. Thousands of teachers were trained by the Azrieli Program throughout the years, and moreover, every student and parent who participated in the Program successfully created a new future.

After years of educational activity, the Azrieli Foundation decided it was time to significantly expand the Foundation's educational contribution for the children of Israel. The Azrieli Foundation is becoming a strategic partner in the "Darca" network, in the framework of the network's educational activity. The Program will continue to operate in its new setting in 13 cities on the basis of the Program's principles in middle schools.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, dear partners, mayors, managers of educational departments, supervisors and school principals, for the years-long educational cooperation. It was a blessing to take part in this educational journey. I wish to personally thank you for your valuable contribution and extensive action for the success and personal growth of the students.  

The implementation of the Program in the field and the strong branding of the Azrieli Program in the schools is credited to my colleagues in the Program throughout the years, who led the Program with loyalty, determination and a sense of mission, towards the success of each and every student – the Program's regional managers, facilitators and managers in each city, professional instructors, heads of the parents and social functions, the headquarters, accounting and payroll team, operations managers – all joined by school coordinators, teachers, facilitators, tutors and instructors.

My deepest gratitude to the Azrieli family, the Azrieli Foundation and Danna Azrieli, who founded and funded the Program and played an active and personal role in the operation of the Program, always guided by the success of both students and their families and making a significant contribution to education in Israel. Danna Azrieli personally supported the Program's growth and success in the educational system.

Along the years we were able to reach 14,000 students in 90 schools and in 27 cities. I am confident that we thus made our mark on the schooling educational system vis-à-vis principals, teachers and homeroom teachers, and influenced the future of the students, in light of the Program's creed: "Children need but one grown-up who believes in them".

With appreciation,

Meir Avitan

And the educational team of the Azrieli Institute for Educational Empowerment